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MUSIC | Remembering Loretta Lynn and Ramsey Lewis

BOOKS | Social media and a cognitively degraded society

Strict pandemic measures have kept cases low, but they’re pushing some citizens to their limits

A housing first success? Some experts and ministries say there’s more to the story

The bill that would change the definition of marriage at the federal level

A surge of illegal immigration could hit after upcoming policy changes

TOP STORY | Thanksgiving special

How our holiday traditions started

Magazine Vol. 37, No. 23
December 3, 2022 | Vol. 37 No. 23
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Seth Dillon | The left’s all-out war on satire is really a fight over truth—and every citizen’s right to speak it

R. Albert Mohler Jr. | This is how conservatism dies, and this is how marriage is surrendered

Collin Garbarino | BOOK OF THE YEAR | Shedding light on an inspiring Founder of high principles who failed miserably at living up to them

Kristen Waggoner | The religious liberty “protections” in this dangerous Senate bill are hollow and won’t protect Americans from the bill’s harms

Transcontinental walk marred by allegations of aggravated assault

Carl R. Trueman | Rock music was not meant to be profound